Our origin

In 2009, TSAF was more than just a phrase; it was a shared sentiment within the community of Bravo Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion. Far from being a casual expression, "this sh*t ain't free" became a rallying cry, echoing through the barracks and serving as a testament to the unique camaraderie that defined our unit. During a period of downtime in Baghdad, our team took the opportunity to give form to TSAF. Transforming it from a mere phrase into a symbol. We designed and printed it onto beer koozies, offering them for sale within the barracks. To our surprise, the response was overwhelming and we quickly sold nearly 500 units.

The turning point came when we lost Corporal Ryan McGhee, a cherished friend and brother, who was killed in action. His sacrifice lent a profound meaning to TSAF that resonated with us all. Moved by his memory, we launched a simple one-page website, featuring a memorial section dedicated to Corporal McGhee. At the bottom of the page, we showcased the beer koozies sold in his honor, successfully raising over $1,000 that month for the Cpl. Ryan C McGhee Foundation.

Over the ensuing 12 months, TSAF's influence expanded beyond the confines of Bravo Company, becoming synonymous with the ‘esprit de corp' of the 3rd Ranger Battalion. In August of 2010, tragedy struck again when one of our founding members lost his life in Afghanistan. Despite being deployed, we rallied together and raised over $10,000 in his name, contributing to the expansion of the 3rd Ranger Battalion memorial dedicated to our fallen comrades. Today, TSAF is etched not only on SGT Nicol’s headstone at the National Cemetery but also forever engraved in our hearts.

As we reflect on our journey, TSAF stands as a living testament to the sacrifice made by Rangers who gave their all. This sh*t truly ain't free, and through the enduring legacy of TSAF, we honor those who paid the ultimate price.